5 Ways To Prevent Bed Hair

5 Ways To Prevent Bed Hair

Bed hair happens to be a very annoying problem that many people all over the world deal with daily. It is the million zillion directions your hair wanders off while you sleep giving you a ridiculous look in the morning. The worst part is the difficulty in getting the hair back to normalcy. 
Fear not, for we have got a couple of ways you could avoid getting bedhead so your mornings are peaceful and happy.

1.  Dry your hair before bed

Wet hair is the easiest to manoeuvre with. It makes it easy to coil up, break the ends and even cause split ends while you toss and turn in sleep. So if you are someone who is regularly used to taking shower at night make sure to dry your hair before hitting the bed. If drying out your hair isn't an option, try using a cotton towel to absorb all the water and tie it up as a makeshift turban style before sleep. This could help the hair not attain crazy shape while in sleep.

2. Use Your HINU Hair Oil

A few drops of your HINU Hair Oil on your ends every night will help keep your hair super hydrated, glossy, and smooth for the next day. 

3. Detangling your hair

Brushing out the hair before bed could help moisturise it and avoid the bedhead. Always be sure to be gentle while brushing the hair as it could lead to breakage when done roughly. If you are someone who uses a lot of products usually on your hair, brushing them out at night could help in removing any build-up if at all.

4. Braiding your hair

This is by far the best way to avoid bedhead. Braiding your hair at night could save you a lot of time in the morning. This will avoid the hair create knots as you sleep and avoid breakage. 

5. Silk sheets and bed covers

It is often noted that cotton sheets and pillow covers could cause unnecessary friction that could leave your hair dry and damaged. So switching to silk covers could be a great option to help reduce the frizz caused by the friction. 

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