A blend of oils designed to help grow, hydrate and nourish your hair and scalp


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Meet The Founder

2 years ago I suffered from hair loss and hair thinning due to trauma, stress and a lack of presence within my body. I decided to cut all my hair off and start again. Trying many methods to rebuild my hair with strength, the ritual of oiling had by the far the most profound results on both my physical and mental state.

- Allie Cameron, HINU Founder

Rituals with Eleanor

Committing to a ritual in such an unconscious way helps me enjoy it so much more when I become aware of its benefits.

I’ve seen my hair grow less frizzy, longer and less fussy with the weather. It’s like this mutual, symbiotic sync. Maintenance can feel exhausting because we’re taught to do things quickly to seeming efficient. But maintenance can be slow and repetitive; and I’ve found myself to enjoy it.

Doing it as a ritual motivates me, bringing me to slow down and focus on this repetition. It smells good and giving massages makes me feel euphoric. Maintenance has taught me the balance between effort and ease. In everything. And it still gets me every time."

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