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Hair wonders

I’ve only recently started using this oil but absolutely love it so far. I’ve struggled with thin hair for a while but since using hinu on my hair, I’ve felt more confident and my hair is so smooth. So nice to find a product that actually works wonders!

Arahia Loren
Looove this product!

Rawe te hinu nei mō ōku makawe! My poor hair has gone through a lot in the past year with weightloss, pregnancy and then a bad decision of getting highlights that bleached my hair to a point of breakage :( I have chopped off the lifeless hair and started using this hair oil before every wash. It has made such a difference to my hair. Ngā mihi nui x

Mia Cunningham
A forever staple

Such an amazing product! Has really nourished my hair and created healthy hair from what was dry and damaged. A life changing product and it feels so good to use something that you know is created with potent, natural products with love.

Weblike hair sensations

If you are the kind of person who believes that hair stores memories, traditions and sensations then this oil is for you. By using this oil I can connect deeply to my ancestors and the sensous knowledge of growth and wisdom through the weblike matrix of hair. It smells divine and is a portal to loving yourself more deeply and appreciating the subtle realm of self care and it's overlap with health and sensuality. This oil has also changed my relationship with my little sister as she experiences the joys and pleasures that can come with growing into your womanly body. We have braided the ritual into our Saturdays and I hope we can for much longer. Lots of love to Hinu for this cosmic oil, gracias


hair has been treated to too much Sun. this magical oil has restored hope in my dried and parched hair. my scalp is promosing brighter days. very keen for growth to make way. it's making way in this very moment most especially because of this beloved oil.

Tania Henley
Need hair growth or repair?? Hinu is it!!

Hinu has been amazing for my dried out bleached damaged hair, it wasn't growing out and was soo brittle, but after a month of use applying every second day/ night and leaving it in has made a huge difference and has even grown about 3cm since I started using.
Great product , would recommend to everyone.
Thank you HINU ❤️

Changed my hair care game forever

Absolutely adored my first bottle of Hinu! It made such a huge difference to my scalp, it feels both clean and not dry for the first time in ages. My hair was really thin after a long time travelling and this has made a huge difference with growing back my usually thick hair. I’ve also had more confidence to wear my curls naturally without straightening. I use twice a week before shampooing and the occasional morning application to my ends. Love it!

Zasha Skye Baudry
In love

Love this oil. It’s become a weekly ritual to properly massage into my scalp and hair and truly brings out a natural shine. Love applying a little bit day to day to also bring my unruly hair back altogether. Love.

marlee miege-moffat
Thick hair

I have been using Hinu for a few weeks and have noticed a significant difference in the thickness of my hair! It feels so happy and healthy, I have told everyone I know to start using Hinu. Love love love it

ava Meddings Malone
Beautiful hair ritual

Love it! Such a special ritual and product. Beautiful results

Inez Ritchie
Fantastic product, would recommend

I’ve been using the hair oil on my ends daily and as a weekly overnight treatment and I can feel the difference in my hair. It feels healthier and my curls are more defined. I’ve also been using the most as a refresher after a wash it a swim and it’s great too! Will buy again.

Mackenzie Swanson

Amazing product

Lilli Henry
Truely lovely

As someone who has very long hair, I am prone to a lot of spilt ends, shedding, and breakage. I have found it really hard to maintain my hair in a healthy condition while keeping it this long. However I have found the perfect combination to minimise these with trimming more consistently and using hinu hair oil, my hair has truely felt and looked so much better than it ever has! I only use a little bit of the hinu oil a couples times a week and a little really goes a long way!

I would greatly recommend this product, it is an amazing product that has become a staple in my self care routine and it smells divine :)

Qiane Matata-Sipu
Rawe rawa atu!

My makawe loves Hinu! I have noticed my hair getting thicker and stronger and not breaking so easily from the constant mum-bun. The product smells like te taiao, connecting me to Papatūānuku and her goodness, and it is so easy to apply. Side note: I also really love the e-newsletter with all the reminders to slow down, focus inward and take time for self care xx Mauri Ora x

Laura H

Hair growth oil smells amazing and hydrating spray leaves hair soft and healthy looking

Hair Revamp!

I started using this because I wanted the health of my hair to be improved. I have noticed my hair length has grown, and when I use the hair oil before a hair wash - it looks so healthy! Highly recommend

Post partum MUST HAVE

Have only been using this for 2 months and I can already see my fluffy little post partum baby hairs around my face growing so much longer. And I have been post partum for 3 years now. Before this, they hadn’t grown and if anything have just gotten thinner. Also - this smells divine and is basically an aid for a great nights sleep 🙏🏼🫶🏽

Best Hair Oil Ever !

smells divine, and my hair is so shiny and hydrated now. I’ve been using hinu fir years now this is my 6th bottle 😍

Michelle Haami
He hinu wainene 🧡 (Luscious oil)

I purchased this after having my pēpi where i lost alot of my hair and it became extremely dry. He hinu wainene tēnei hei whakapakari makawe, whakatau wairua hoki. I find its a delicious rongoa to put on my locks , it smells delicious to both me and my husband who is quite sensitive to smells and i feel revived from using it ✨

Phenomenal magical elixir! ✨

I bought the essential duo to try both products and boy and I happy that I did! These products are luxe, organic, natural and real. I have never used an oil that doesn’t make my hair oily - I just soaks right in and makes your hair appear so shiny and well looked after. I have been using non stop every day and can notice a change in my hairs health - less split ends, my scalp isn’t as dry and my hair smells divine. Thank you HINU for sharing this magical stuff with the world 🤍

Fast results

I have been using HINU for about a month and have already noticed considerable hair growth and a reduction in hair fall - I had been having big clumps coming out every time I would wash or brush it which has improved a lot. I also have quite thick frizzy hair and putting a little bit of oil on it each day has tamed it and I've been wearing it out for the first time in years. Super happy this product found me.

Audrey Brown
Secret weapon

I’ve been trying to grow my hair out for forever! This is literally the only thing that I could visibly see a difference in two months. Plus it smells DIVINE.

Katie Doran
Favorite oil

Beautiful oil now a part of my daily ritual 💚 have purchased twice now, and have moved up to big bottle already. It has saved my hair x

khaleah hepi
Ethereal growth and ritual

Have struggled with my hair growth for some time, and have finally come across a natural and gentle way to help stimulate the growth of my hair.
This product has helped me rekindle love for myself and a presence with myself

My favourite hair product EVER

I have just purchased my second bottle and upgraded to the larger size because I am so in love with this oil.
After 4 months of use I have new baby hairs and my lengths are looking so healthy and strong. I've also noticed a reduction in dandruff and my scalp feels clearer and nourished.

The smell is so gorgeous and using this oil is integral to my bedtime routine because of how it makes me look and feel.
Looking forward to trying other products too!