6 Scientifically Proven Benefits Of A Cold Shower

6 Scientifically Proven Benefits Of A Cold Shower

The phenomenon of taking cold showers has been a recent one. People suggest a cold shower to immediately feel fresh and for muscle recovery. But are these true? If yes, what are some other benefits of doing this?
With research and development, cold showers are seemingly beneficial to maintaining overall health and recovery. So here we discuss some scientifically proven benefits of cold showers. The major fact to address is that showers in general have more than just cleaning as their function. They can help you relax, aid in weight loss, good for skin, hair and so much more.

1. Improves Alertness 

A cold shower instantly pushes your body into a state of shock, waking the entire system. This in turn boosts the alertness and feeling of being awake. It is very natural to feel uneasy initially when taking a cold shower, but small exposure to cold water does better than bad. A slight gasping for air usually happens, but with deepening the breath, there is an instant boost of alertness for the body. There is a boost in productivity that is noticed with cold showers. So how about ditching caffeine and getting into the cold shower in the morning for that extra push?

2. Increases Resilience

Cold showers are seen to be very effective for people who have a hard time controlling emotions. With low temperatures, the entire nervous system is on alert, and resilience is increased gradually. There is multiple research that cites the creation of oxidative stress that helps handle emotions better. For these benefits, you don’t necessarily need a cold shower. You could have a warm bath and then finish with icy water for the boost.

3. Reduces Stress and Depression

With a cold shower, there is an increase in Glutathione in your bloodstream that controls the body’s stress levels. On the other hand, there is a reduction of uric acid also. There is also an increase in the levels of noradrenaline which helps release happy hormones in the body. This elevation in the mood keeps stress and depression at bay.

4. Better Hair and Skin

With cold showers, the pores of the skin are reduced thus tightening the skin. The release of oils is also reduced which aids in giving a non-greasy look to skin and hair. It is also noticed that hair grows more giving rise to thick locks as the skin and hair follicles are active. If you are someone with coloured hair, cold showers are sure your friend. With heat, the colour could die out more quickly than with cold showers.

5. Boosts Circulation

Cold showers help with increasing the blood flow across the body easily. With an increase in heart rate and a slight elevation in oxidative stress, blood can now spread around the body quickly. With more oxygen inhalation, not only do you get that sense of alertness but your whole-body benefits. Every single organ gets more oxygen, meaning your whole health benefits from that blast of icy water.

6. Increased Rate of Muscle Recovery

Icy baths help with reducing muscle soreness and improve the rate of muscle recovery. With a boost in circulation, the muscles are provided with more oxygen hence helping cells repair at a faster rate. The lactic acid built up through the working out is reduced and ample relaxation of the body is facilitated.

So, it’s time to incorporate cold showers into your Routine. You can start mellow with warm water and gradually shift to the icy cold shower to reap all the benefits.

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