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Can Peppermint Oil Help Hair Grow?

Peppermint Essential Oil is one of our active ingredients in our Hair Growth Oil
Can Peppermint Oil Help Hair Grow?
Peppermint Essential Oil is one of our active ingredients in our Hair Growth Oil

Why should hair use peppermint oil?

While peppermint oil may have some advantages for skin care, it also improves your hair, scalp, and nails. It might be useful for itchiness, dryness, or other scalp issues.

The oil has been used by some people as a hair loss treatment. This may be due to menthol, a vasodilator found in peppermint essential oil, which increases blood flow. Numerous times (such as in female or male pattern baldness), starved blood flow to hair follicles causes hair loss. A vasodilator like peppermint that increases circulation may enhance hair development and maybe stop some hair loss.

1. Reduces infections of the scalp

Scalp infections including scalp eczema and seborrheic dermatitis are common. These diseases can irritate the skin and harm the hair follicles, which will prevent healthy hair development because the damaged or dead hair follicles won't be able to grow hair in the future.

Since peppermint oil is naturally antibacterial and also has anti-inflammatory characteristics that can soothe the skin and lessen the irritation and infection over time, it can help lessen this dry scalp and itching sensation.

2. Promotes hair growth

This is feasible because peppermint oil aids in encouraging increased blood flow to the scalp. The latent hair follicles can be activated and start growing hair when there is enough blood flow in the scalp.

3. Can lessen dandruff

Dandruff can frequently develop as a result of excessive product accumulation from hair care products, excessive sebum production, the generation of dead skin cells, etc. This can make it difficult for hair to develop because of the unfavorable surroundings. This may also cause inflammation and the growth of microorganisms.

4. Contributes to thicker, stronger hair

Vasodilating effects are present in peppermint oil. This indicates that it encourages enough blood flow to widen the blood vessels. As enough nutrients is supplied to the hair strand by the blood when the blood vessels are dilatation, there is sufficient blood circulation that can stimulate the hair follicles, improving hair thickness and strength.

How to use our Hair Growth Oil that contains peppermint essential oil on hair?

One of the finest ways to encourage hair development is by massaging the scalp with oil while applying pressure with the fingertips.

For an overnight treatment or at least an hour before washing, apply 2-3 droppers of oil into hands, massaging directly into scalp then running remaining oil through mids and ends. 

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