Gemini Season: The Evening Ritual

Gemini Season: The Evening Ritual

This ritual has been mindfully created to honour the dualistic nature, emphasising the inquisitive mind and need for varied stimulation.

Element of Air:

The Gemini spirit resonates deeply with the air element, emblematic of intellect, communication, and inspiration. Engaging in this ritual will serve as a reaffirmation of the air attribute, facilitating mental exploration, and self-expression.

The Importance of Self-Nurturing:

In the world of incessant communication and mental stimulation, it is crucial to find a balance with self-care. The dualistic nature requires you to pause and reconnect with your inner self.

Create The Space:

Begin by preparing your sacred space. Choose calming lowlights, either using candles or fairy lights or finding a space with natural low light. Light a few scented candles and incense, ideally with invigorating scents that stimulate your senses and thoughts.

Opening Meditation:

Begin your meditation by taking three deep breaths, consciously letting go of stagnant energy held in your body. With every breath, you drop deeper into relaxation. Make a deep sigh out on every exhale if that is what is needed to expel any excess energy.

Use the following mantras to align your mind with your heart and intentions, repeat them in your mind for a few minutes, taking notice of how your body feels with every word:

  1. "I am the master of my thoughts and the architect of my reality."
  2. "My mind is open, my heart is free, and I embrace the duality within me."
  3. "With every breath, I invite peace and dispel chaos."

Find our ritual playlist here to help soothe your mind and hold space for the ritual.

Hair Ceremony:

Start with gently brushing or combing your hair. Do this with intention, visualising the brush not only detangling your hair but also your thoughts.

Proceed with applying oil to your scalp. Warm a few drops of oil in your palms and then massage into your scalp, taking care to reach every part. Use the remaining oil to lightly coat your hair strands, paying particular attention to the ends. After your hair is fully coated, style it into a loose braid, enabling the oil to thoroughly nourish your hair.

Post Hair Ceremony Ritual:

This phase of the ritual is designed to promote tranquillity. Draw a warm bath, adding drops of essential oil like lavender or chamomile to soothe your senses. Alternatively, you may choose to engage in dry brushing, a practice that encourages blood circulation and skin renewal.

Consider brewing a cup of herbal tea. Opt for flavours like peppermint or chamomile, known for their calming effects. As you sip, let yourself fully experience the taste, the warmth, and the relaxation spreading through your body.

If you prefer, you may opt for a calming breathwork practice, focusing on deep inhales and slow exhales. As you breathe, visualise any mental clutter leaving your body with each exhale.


As your ritual draws to a close, take a moment to internalise the peace and satisfaction you've cultivated. Speak out affirmations that mirror your personal goals or desires, visualising them as birds taking flight into the sky. Perhaps, write these affirmations on pieces of paper and release them into the wind as symbolic gestures of their manifestation. Remember to give thanks for the time you've dedicated to nurturing yourself.

Integration into daily life:

As you integrate elements of this ritual into your daily life, remember to maintain a balance between intellectual stimulation, self-expression, and self-care. Consistent rituals of care serve as reminders of your dedication to your well-being.

This Gemini ritual, is a tribute to the intellectual prowess, your gift for communication, and your insatiable curiosity. Embrace the luminous curiosity, dear Gemini, embrace the luminous curiosity.

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