Hair Brushes For Your Hair Type

Hair Brushes For Your Hair Type

We are all different in our being and so is our hair. Everyone with hair has a routine to properly care for and manage the hair. The brushing of the hair is thus a daily activity for everyone with hair. We use different types of hairbrushes unaware of the fact that each hair type holds a recommended hairbrush that works the best for them. The right one could get your hair styling in control alongside the hair’s health and overall appearance. 

There are many different kinds of hairbrushes suitable for the wide variety of hair types we have. You need to make it a priority to choose the right brush for your hair and scalp. Let us dive in and dig deeper to figure out the different hair types and their hairbrushes. 


1. Fine hair

Fine hairs are those in which the individual hair strands are smaller in diameter. Do note that fine hair is not necessarily thin hair. Their overall circumference could be thick. The best brush for this category of hair is the extra soft boar bristle hairbrush. These are every gentle for the hair strands and also help in retaining and enhancing the natural shine of the hair. The detangling of fine hair is also catered to with these brushes through the stiff bristles they embody.

2. Thick hair

Thick hair is one where there is more hair within one square inch of the scalp or even follicular-wise. The best hairbrush for this hair type is a paddle brush. There are multiple ones in the market and you could fo for ones that are made of nylon pins and even boars’ hair. The nylon pins help in brushing such thick hair while the presence of board hair helps in enhancing the natural shine of the hair by spreading out the natural oils of the scalp.

3. Long Hair

If your locks are reaching way beyond the shoulder-length, you have long hair. The recommended hairbrush for your hair type is the paddle brush. These help in getting through a huge volume of hair all at once by removing the knots ad also spreading out oil all across the scalp. Marinating long hairs could thus be made manageable and easy with these brushes.

4. Thinning hair
Thinning hair usually is the one that has and is going through some hair loss. SO this is the time your hair needs extra care and a gentle approach. The best hairbrush for the hair is a soft bristle brush as it's very gentle on the scalp and will not pull out any hair strands.

5. Curly Hair
With multiple curl patterns and more volume, curly hairs are very tricky to brush through. There is the element of frizz that also needs to be taken care of. The best brush is one that is strong and sturdy and one that is wide-toothed so there is no breakage and dryness created with friction. The use of detangling brushes also works well.

6. Straight Hair
This is the most common hair type there is and the best choice is paddle brushes. Works through long volumes of hair all at once without creating any breaks and hence distributes natural oils all across the scalp. Static could be a struggle with straight hair and hence it is recommended to use a brush with a rubber pad.

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