Honouring the Self With Eliza Vawdrey Roy

Honouring the Self With Eliza Vawdrey Roy

 We had the honour to connect with Eliza through both imagery and words with the theme of honouring the self. 

Eliza Vawdrey-Roy is a visual artist of Samoan, English and French descent, who works in painting, drawing, writing, sculpting, film making, activation and performance. Her work often considers Indigenous worldviews and healing through reclamation. She is also inspired by te taiao, fluidity, wahine, Moana-nui-a-Kiwa, our ancestors, atua and aitu, the seen, the unseen and the foreseen.

Eliza How do you care for yourself, both inside and out? 

Regularly checking in with all aspects of my well-being; spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, connections/societal, financial, etc to identify what I need more or less of and what needs more or less energy, space and time. Being self aware of my unique needs and fulfilling them

Connecting to spirit, nature's frequency and cosmic consciousness by being in te taiao, the natural environment. Observing and honouring the ancestral wisdom of elements, cycles, phases, seasons, weather, etc. Receiving spiritual guidance, presence, love, support, protection, medicine, remembering. Prayers, offerings, acknowledgement and gratitude as I exist mindfully and as I cook/eat nutritious plant foods and hydrate my body with water

Prioritising rest, moving at my own pace, honouring capacities and aiming to sleep for 8-9 hours a night. Due to my health condition I need to be extra mindful of rest, sleep and reduce my stress to better manage my fibromyalgia symptoms but I believe this is important for everyone's well-being 

Being present for life and cherishing all that nourishes and fulfils me. Sharing, feeling and receiving the magic. Loving, dancing, cultivating joy, pleasure, soul tunes, writing, art, laughter, authentic healing, vulnerability, soul connections, prayers, communion, spontaneity, service, giving, playfulness, inner child healing, creating, etc

Feeling into and honouring my balance as a way of self preservation, protection and peace. Maintaining boundaries eg. with technology, media, apps, news, processed foods, specific environments, people, energies, etc

Honouring my sacred yes and sacred no, in the bedroom and in all situations. Leaning in. Breathing deeper. Exhaling for longer. Expanding. Trusting myself. Practicing patience and gentleness. Encouraging autonomy, honouring authentic truth, healing, as well as beautiful sacred empowered experiences, lightheartedness also. Respecting my inner knowing and wisdom. Massaging my body on the outside and/or inside. Time and space for anything to rise to the surface, to see, feel, process, release, emotion, tears, orgasm, laughter, writing, dancing

Cultivating healing and health through an indigenous holistic lens. Present with my bodies, my energetic field, my feelings, my thoughts, my patterns, my needs, my traumas, my complexities, layers. Self-honesty, self-acceptance and self-compassion. Allowing space for western medicine and space for ancient indigenous medicine. I seek professional psychological and medical help as I see fit. I also seek wisdom and medicine of spirit, nature, of my body, of inner knowing. I receive what resonates.

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