How do plaits protect your hair while you sleep?

How do plaits protect your hair while you sleep?

Hair plaiting is a beneficial technique for one’s hair. There are many advantages of braiding your hair to sleep. Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

1. Avoids breaking of hair

You may not be aware of it, but normal tossing and turning while you sleep tugs your hair and makes it break. Hair breakage is decreased when your hair is kept in braids because less friction exists between your hair and the pillow. You can get silk pillowcases to reduce friction even more. Additionally, it keeps your hair styled and more organised, resulting in fewer tangles and annoying snags when you wake up. You can avoid rigorous brushing and battling of your hair knots if they are braided to sleep.

2. Retains the moisture

Did you know that as you sleep, your hair can lose moisture? Your hair constantly releases moisture naturally, and when you sleep, it either evaporates into the atmosphere or is absorbed by your pillow. However, braiding can lessen that loss. The overlapping design of braids helps hold onto the moisture and retain it in your strands, where it should be. To take things a step further, you can give your braided hair even more of a hydrating boost by rubbing a nutritious hair oil into your strands before you hit the bed.

3. Can minimise the use of heating devices

Who doesn't want gentle beach waves that may be created quickly and easily without the need for a heating tool? The less harmful choice might be to wake up and take out your braids if your goal is to have some interesting waves in your hair. You can achieve some naturally curly or wavy hair with the braiding technique. With less heat, the moisture of the hair stays locked too.

4. Helps keep the face clean

Your hair may rub against your face while you sleep, practically causing breakouts. Hair strands hold on to pollution, and bacteria even if you wash them regularly. So, it is for the best that plaiting keeps the hair away from falling on the face thus avoiding any acne or itch. Additionally, sebum, an oily secretion produced by your scalp, might find its way onto your face and cause a pimple. By keeping your hair pulled back and away from your face, braids can really save the day.

How to braid your hair before going to bed:

i. Braid loosely and not incredibly tightly.

ii. Avoid using a hair tie to knot it at the end.

iv. Braid only dry hair.

v. Add a few drops of our Hair Growth Oil to the finished plait.




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