How to: Ritual During Summer

How to: Ritual During Summer

Your body is a lamp,
And the breath is its wick;
The mind is the oil to fill it.
When the lamp is lit,
You will see by its light
The hidden things within you.

The Lamp of the Body - Rumi

For me, every ritual begins with light. And so as the seasons change and the light changes so too does my practice.

In summer the days are long, and inevitably I am up later. This means my ritual can be illuminated by the evening sun through my windows. I use fewer candles and more natural light.

Where I live now the summer heat is dry and so hydration is my focus. A protein in the hair shaft called keratin requires moisture to maintain its elasticity and strength. Lazy days in the sand and hot sun are kind to the soul but hard on the hair.

Morning movement

I wake up early with the sun. The first thing I do is stretch my body, feeling the cool morning air on my skin. I then go for a short walk to stimulate my blood flow and to breathe in the fresh morning air. I savour this routine that sets the tone for a day of possibility and promise.

Hydration for the day

Before I do anything else, I oil my hair with a nourishing blend of natural oils - massaging it into my scalp and tresses. The oils trickle into the strands, replenishing them with the moisture that the searing summer sun so easily strips away.

Throughout the day, I continue to hydrate my hair, drinking plenty of water. I also sometimes protect my hair from the sun's rays by wearing a hat or scarf when I'm outside but on other days I let it flow according to my mood and what I feel my hair can withstand. 

Wind-Down routine

As the sun begins to set, I begin my wind-down routine, preparing for a restful night's sleep. I light candles, turn on soft lighting and play relaxing music, creating a peaceful and calming atmosphere. I also burn incense, allowing the soothing scent to fill my space and help me centre.

Before going to sleep, I give my hair one final treatment, massaging a nourishing oil into my scalp and hair. I gently brush my hair, removing any tangles or debris from the day. I then tie my hair up, ready for the night. 

Ritual as self love

My summer hair ritual is an expression of reverence and self-love, a ritual that I practice with devotion each day. By caring for my hair, I am reminded of the importance of cherishing oneself and the significance of the present moment.

In this way, the seasons and my hair are intertwined. Each season brings with it new challenges and opportunities, new rituals, and new ways of being. As the season unfurls, my hair remains a testament to the power of tending to oneself with kindness and intention.
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