Our Checklist for Spring

Our Checklist for Spring

The days are growing warmer and the sun is shining for longer. Everything awakens in the spring, new flowers bloom, new leaves emerge from the trees, and the grass turns green. Summer days spent by the pool... lovely autumn days with your preferred sweater... Sunlight reflecting off the snow on clear winter mornings... There is something about the new beginning of spring that starts to sound rather lovely right now!

Here are some handful suggestions can make the transition into spring a little bit more pleasant, whether you start preparing yourself or your home. And just consider: if you take a little time to prepare now, your flip flops (and toes) will be prepared for the first day of 70-degree weather.

1. Create space

Spring is the perfect time to clear off all the clutter and even donate what you no longer use. A cluttered space could eventually harbour a chaotic mind. Remove clutter and create space for new things this summer.

2. Set a seasonal goal

Consistent commitments that are in line with your particular values and ideas are called intentions. A straightforward springtime goal would be to live more easily, kindly, or compassionately. Living in tune with nature and seasons is the best way to enjoy life and its subtleties.

3. Show extra care to all your utilities

Cleaning up or a glow up for all your tools could be another great thing for spring. Start with your hair brushes, make-up, clothes. A simple glow up could make it look fresh and brand new, in lieu with the new season.

4. Visit the sun

Get up 30 minutes earlier so you can go for a stroll or do some sun meditation. Serotonin levels are raised by sunlight, which gives you more energy and keeps you all excited, joyous for the entire day. Daily dose of sunlight and a stroll could do wonders in these seasonal shifting times.

5. Let in the fresh air and light

While winter is snug, spring is new. We are all ready for some fresh air and sunshine after spending months huddling by the fire and donning warm clothing.

Ensure that all of your windows have screens so that you can open them on the first warm day. Do you have heavy, black curtains? For spring and summer, think about replacing them with something lighter, or spend money on some tie back pulls to let in as much light as possible. Let all the fresh new warm air and light that spring brings in.

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