RĀTAPU RITUALS: with Elena Tea

RĀTAPU RITUALS: with Elena Tea

"Sunday’s are my reset days - where I rise late and gentleness is a priority. Sunday is my self-care day."

Elena Téa is an Italian-Australian artist living in South Australia. Her Italian heritage and affinity for romanticising the everyday led her to creating her own brand, Studio Sogni, through which she could share and cultivate this inspiration.  

What is one piece of hair advice you've ever received?

I’ve always heard that sleeping with a silk pillowcase or bonnet is the best thing you can do for your hair. I recently got a silk bonnet and my hair is so soft in the morning and my curls last longer! Best advice ever.

How do you practice self-care on days when you're not feeling your best?

As hard as it is on days I’m not feeling my best, I know the thing that helps me the most is to be gentle. We can put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be productive all the time, but prioritising rest and gentleness is the best way to heal. For me, this looks like being in bed with my cats, journal, and a good romance movie by my side. Rinse & repeat until I feel better.

Are there any self-care practices you've discovered recently that you find particularly beneficial?

I recently started trying to journal every single day, and I think it’s changed my life! Every day, no matter the hour or how I’m feeling, I try to get at least something down in my journal. It is my most precious form of mental and creative self-care.

Making self-care luxurious can be as simple as putting your favourite face mist or mask in the fridge. Every time I use my HINU hydrating mist from the fridge I feel like I’m at a spa!

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