Reorganising Your Space

Reorganising Your Space

We all know how important decluttering your life is. Look at key figures like Marie Kondo who taught us the relationship between keeping only things that bring you joy and letting go of things you may have  (accidentally) been hoarding. At HINU, we are firm believers of never going to bed in a messy room, because your surroundings affect your energy, right? Here are our tips on organising your space for a better ritual practice. 

Declutter - Start by discarding any empty products. Either recycle or store away until they're ready for a refill. 

Essential - Workout what products you use most/everyday. Keep them on display in an easy to reach spot and store away all other products or tools you only use occasionally.  

Cleanse - Give your space a quick dust, then, with a hot damp cloth wipe down all surfaces. We love giving our products a quick wipe down too, to keep the packaging fresh and to avoid staining any surfaces.

Add - Crystals, candles and incense are just a few things you could add to your ritual space for a more energetically balanced practice. Some of our favourites are Zalah Crystals & Happy society candles. 

Hold - We highly recommend adding in a platform or vessel to store your ritual pieces so as to not stain bench tops or affect wooden draws. This could be anything from a vintage plate from the op shop or a handcrafted ceramic shelf. Pictured in our ritual space is (insert name)

Listen -  Whatever your mood, choose a song or playlist that you’ve been loving lately and enjoy a little dance or a moment of stillness whilst.


We hope this inspired you to either reorganise or set up a space for your ritual. We’d love to see our oils in your new found spaces! Tag us and we’ll share the love.

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