Simple Ways To Reduce Hair Breakage

Simple Ways To Reduce Hair Breakage

Breakage of hair is definitely a matter of distress. It is a subtle reminder to take extra care of your hair strands. With busy lives, pollution, multiple hair products, constant hair styling, our hair goes through a lot on a daily basis. You need to rejuvenate it once in a while so that it is fresh and ready to rock and roll soon.
Here are four different ways you can avoid the hair breakage and protect your hair.

1. Switch to silk pillowcases

Other than the fact that silk pillowcases feel softer, they are very beneficial for your hair. Research suggests that with silk pillowcases, the hair friction caused would be reduced, thus reducing breakage of the strands. It helps the hair just glide through as you toss and turn in sleep. There is less pressure induced on the locks that in turn protects the strands.

2. Use scrunchies instead of hair ties

If you are still using a hair tie, it is time to bid goodbye. Switch to scrunchies. Rather than harming your mane, the luxurious material will protect it. They'll hold your ponytail without straining or pulling, whether you're using them to tie your hair back for a workout or for your nightly skincare routine. Soft, delicate, and adorably adorable. They also available in a range of sizes and hues to suit your hair type and mood.

3. Take a break from using heat on your hair

Flat irons, curling irons, and hot rollers are all major sources of breakage. Both styling tools and heat-protectant solutions have advanced in technology to assist reduce damage. These, however, are ineffective in combating brittle hair on their own. Take a vacation from all heat styling (including blow drying) every now and then to allow your hair recover.

4. Keep your strands softer by oiling them

Oiling your ends before bed has many advantages. When your hair is oiled and conditioned, it creates less friction and so reduces the risk of breaking while you toss and turn at night. Additionally, oiling your strands before bed helps styling your hair the next morning. 

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