The Art of Patience and Growing with Mon Barton

The Art of Patience and Growing with Mon Barton

Born in Australia with a Mauritian background, Mon Barton currently resides on Wathaurong Land (Torquay, Victoria). From self publishing her poetry book - circa 2017 - in Byron Bay to now running her own brand management agency and modelling part time, Mon finds solace in the small things like cooking and writing. She describes her current style of writing as ‘an expansion of reflective thoughts’ of which we can hear and feel much of her past poetic styles and her now free-flow, prose style. 

We asked Mon to share her expansive thoughts on the topic of growth and patience within both physical and mental realms.

How do you interpret the word ‘growing’?

I think growing (in any sense) is an act of patience, both physical and emotional. When we grow the hair on our head, we’re constantly met with the sometimes arduous task of being patient. We’ve all experienced a bad haircut, and the only way to remedy our insecurities and mourn the loss of such an external part of our identity is to be patient, and wait for it to grow again. But emotionally and mentally, when we grow, it can hurt especially because a lot of the time we don’t know we’re growing. Only once we begin to heal or reflect or dive into the depths, do we realise that growth has happened and will happen again.

That’s a really great way to look at a bad haircut *giggles* So then, what do you think growth symbolises?

Hmm. I think it symbolises the inbetween, the momentary, the temporary. When we’re growing (again both physically and emotionally) I find more often than not that there is no end goal. By the time we’ve reached what once felt like the end goal, we’ve grown even further and so the ‘end’ is just momentary again… we’re suddenly seeking something else. 

Let’s focus on growth in the physical sense, what do you feel is the biggest internal battle when physical growth takes place?

Again, patience (with a sprinkle of insecurity). We fixate on growing out that impromptu fringe cut and get frustrated at the process because we lack patience. Then we find ourselves cutting the fringe again because, well, it’s just easier right? Patience is again a battle when we look at growth around our bodies. We rush to find the 8 week gym challenge and we deprive ourselves from things we love, all because we’re suddenly aching for the opposite. The reality is, lacking patience inhibits you from being present. 

That last line is pretty powerful. Do you think being patient and present can help accelerate the growth you're on or trying to induce? 

Honestly, 100%. When we’re present with our bodies and our minds, those goals I mentioned earlier become either obsolete or altered. The ego begins to fade and your desire for that original goal becomes clearer… you connect back with the state in which patience lives, acceptance. And because we know that the physical body works alongside the mind and vice versa, we know that when our emotional and mental state is sound, our physical body can begin to support us. Hence why we see such exponential growth with things like our hair and nails when we are free of external stress, sleep deprivation, toxic thoughts and unhealthy energy sources. Everything is connected, we mustn't forget that.

You’re right, everything is connected. Would you say then, that you have nature to thank for any growth you’ve experienced?

Absolutely. Some of the biggest emotional/mental growth I've ever endured was when I moved to a nature rich part of the world. I went from a shallow, materialistic consumerism to an easily pleased, surfer who spent almost all her time in nature. Even my house at that point was made from wood and surrounded by palm trees and foliage. And then you have products made purely from nature like Hinu Hair Growth Oil which has single handedly transformed my hair. It’s the longest and healthiest it’s ever been, I can’t see myself ever going without it to be honest.  

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