The Inversion Method and Hair Growth

The Inversion Method and Hair Growth

By Allie Cameron

The Inversion Method and Hair Growth

If you have heard of inverting as a means for hair growth, you already know the drill. It was claimed that with inverting, as much as an inch per week could be grown. It is possible but still dependent on many factors. 
What exactly is inversion you ask? It is as literal as it gets. Position your headway below or lower than your entire body. This helps with blood pumping towards the parts of your head much easier. This increased flow of circulation is extremely beneficial as more blood reaches to brain and scalp. 

It is very much possible to initially feel strange when you invert yourself. The blood that is so used to pushing into your head suddenly is working with gravity to do the same job. There is a certain amount of pressure felt as the body adjusts along.

How to use inversion for better hair?
1. Use a few drops of Hair Growth Oil and massage it into your scalp
2. Flip you hair over and massage underneath
3. Stay there for a few minutes 
4. Repeat for a week and then rest for three weeks

Benefits of Inverting for hair
 With hair follicles needing a constant flow of blood for proper growth, inverting brings in better blood circulation.

With hair being above the heart, blood circulation is harder thus nutrients don’t reach the follicles. This overall impairs hair growth. However, having a good blood flow to your hair follicles can even help with seemingly unrelated causes of hair loss. By helping nutrients get to your follicles, inversion can help with virtually any cause of hair loss that affects you.

Inverting also increases overall energy. With better blood circulation, there is more Vitamin D available for better hair. Though the other benefits to your hair that you can get through inverting may be indirect, they are still helpful. 


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