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How to oil your hair

How to oil your hair

Step 1 / Put a few drops of oil into your hands 

Step 2 / Slowly and gently massage the oil into the scalp, flip your hair down to massage underneath and to allow blood to circulate to your scalp. Add drops of oil as needed to fully cover your scalp

Step 3 / With any remaining oil on your hands use it to gently brush through your hair strands and to the ends, slowly weaving you hands through your hair. You may choose to brush your hair at this point to help distribute the oil from your scalp through to your ends. 

Step 4 / Ensure your ends also have a nice coat of oil, add a few drops if needed

Step 5 / Braid your hair in a loose plait while you allow the hair to soak up the oil

Step 5 / After some time (ideally overnight or at least an hour) of letting the hair soak in the oil, wash it out

Step 6 / After the wash, add a few drops of oil to your ends to rehydrate them post wash

Step 7 / Enjoy your healthy nourished hair 



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